Your new smart TV

Smart TVs began to cause a sensation several years ago and little by little they have been installed in our homes and have become part of our daily lives due to their many advantages. Conventional TVs are a thing of the past because when it comes to buying a new TV, we prefer to have the latest technology.

We’ve already talked about how size does matter in televisions and the differences in resolution between Full HD and 4K and a Smart TV has many possibilities, although you have to be up to date with its uses and options to get the most out of its functionality.

Let us show you how much you will be able to do so you can take good note and enjoy your new Smart TV.

The excellence of the Smart TV

Surfing the Internet

Smart TVs usually have the ability to connect to the Internet in two ways: wirelessly via WiFi or with an Ethernet cable. That way, it is possible to open the browser to visit any website or online platform. However, with such a large screen, it is almost necessary to have a keyboard with a trackpad to make navigation more comfortable and simple, or a pointer system by movement as in some models.

View YouTube videos

Smart TVs come prepared with many applications including YouTube so you can enjoy their best videos without connecting your computer or tablet.

Listen to music

If you enjoy music, you can always count on apps like Deezer and Spotify that have an amazing catalogue of music tracks, or YouTube itself with videos of entire concerts. You can also create your own playlists so you can listen to whatever you want while you work, cook or relax on your sofa.

Make video calls with quality pictures
It may surprise you, but video calls made on TVs are indeed a viable proposition. All you need is a model that includes a webcam or the ability to connect an external one and then install the Skype application, if not already pre-installed. Video calls from a TV are convenient and practical because you don’t need a computer and you’re usually in a place where you can see your caller perfectly.

Accessing your social networks

With Smart TVs you can connect to your favorite social networks and even receive notifications of them while you’re watching TV, if you wish. That way, you don’t have to keep an eye on your phone and you’ll be kept up to date every day. These TVs usually have an application for Facebook and Twitter for example, but you can always open their web version with the integrated browser.

Watching TV on demand

Don’t worry if you’ve come home late and missed a show or the episode of your favorite series. With Smart TVs you can search for a multitude of programmes and watch them from the season you want because they can access various online services from the TV stations themselves, and even record live broadcasts for later viewing.

The video store is in your home

In the past we had to go to a video store and choose a movie to rent and watch it at home. However, that’s over now. With your Smart TV, you can choose movies and series in streaming at really affordable prices. There are many platforms dedicated to this purpose such as Filmin or Rakuten TV (formerly Wuaki) and its operation is very simple. You only have to pay a small fee per month and watch as much as you want. And of course… you can also watch Netflix and HBO among others.


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