Fast and profitable to sell cars

Fast and profitable to sell the car – easy! – most car owners think. However, in practice, this task turns into one of the hundreds of parts of the movie “Mission Impossible”.

Announcement of the sale may hang until you decide to give the car to your grandchildren, will bother you senseless calls day and night, and in your own family you can be a public enemy – all because of ignorance of some of the secrets of selling the car.

As soon as you establish yourself with the idea of selling your dear and beloved iron trotter, you should not immediately call the whole neighborhood.

Make up your mind about the price

First determine the price. To do this is quite easy – on the Internet, you type the brand, model and year of issue, see the average price. Fix this figure in your notebook, in your head – where convenient. Further you reduce or increase the price depending on the condition of the car, configuration and other characteristics.

The balance between stinginess and generosity will help you find statistics on the secondary market. For sure, you will find many offers similar to yours. Please note that offers that are too generous may have the opposite effect and discourage potential buyers.

Check the status of the vehicle

You can easily handle the creation of an ad yourself. Who knows their car better than you. However, it is still worth stopping by the service, because the car may pop up malfunctions that you did not even guess about.

Gather the fullest possible information about the condition of the vehicle and do not deceive the buyer. If you are invited to check the technical condition and legal cleanliness.

You can agree that if everything fits your description, the checks are paid by the buyer, if not – you. You will have nothing to fear, and the client will be easier to make a decision in favor of the purchase.

Types of buyers depreciating cars

You should not run to your relatives with an offer to buy your car – it’s a fast but not very successful option for sale. This deal will lead to a loss in price (to make money on loved ones sneaky) and complications in the future (cars have the property to break down, and at every opportunity you will be reminded of this).

Loss of price is guaranteed and sale of the machine to buy. With all its hypnotic power they will prove that you are selling a rusty trough, for which will not give a ruble on a market day. In this sad story, the only way to get rid of the so-called machine is to sell it to a market virtuoso for a fraction of the price.

Where do I advertise?

If you have decided for sure that you will be placed on popular Internet sites, check with different gadgets (phone, computer or tablet) whether your ad is worth it. Some sites, or again shopping, may block ads in order to get a product. In such cases, you understand that a potential buyer will never know about your offer.

Club forums, which usually have sections with ads, are not a bad place to sell your car. But keep in mind that the blood brothers know your model just as well, and sometimes better than you. So it’s not going to work out for sure. Or maybe it will: get some useful contacts and change your mind about selling your swallow.

Well, if you’re not selling a very popular, rare specimen, it makes sense to place ads in nearby cities. If the buyer is genuinely interested, you can offer him a discount on the cost of travel to your city, it will also speed up the sale process.

Important trifles

Get a separate sim card and mailbox for sale, so you don’t have to worry about ringing a la la. For the presentation of the car to the buyer take the PTS, passport and blank forms of the contract of sale. This will allow you to make a deal before the customer is cold.

And remember! Sale of the car should be only official, with a contract of sale, removal of the vehicle from the account of the former owner and staging a new one. You do not want to puff out later for the transgressions of others? Pay someone else’s fines or go to the police, if the car is involved in crime? Don’t rush to close the question and don’t be lazy to check all the documents.

A clean deal through a dealer

And if you want to sell the car quickly and profitably, without thinking about the pitfalls of the deal, it is best to contact an official dealer. There they will check the legal cleanliness and technical serviceability of the car, find a buyer, carry out the buy-sell transaction, and you only have to get the money.

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