Car Detailing

A well-kept car is the pride of many drivers. Every man will enjoy the praise of his car by his colleagues, but will also have the satisfaction of compliments from women on their shiny car. For this to happen, your car needs a solid and regular spa, that is care and maintenance.

Detailing is not an isolated activity, but a process that lasts for years and never ends. Using a car often in difficult conditions contributes to its aging, but also affects its appearance. After a few years, the car’s body and interior do not look as attractive as they did immediately after purchase. Can this be avoided?

What is detailing?

Automotive history has shown many times that the creativity of drivers knows no boundaries. You don’t need to look hard to see how they outdo each other in inventing newer and more innovative ways to achieve a stunning visual effect with as little time and energy as possible.

Alongside time and energy, another important issue is cost. The prices of car care products are skyrocketing. That is why it is very important to find a good agent, preferably with universal properties, that will do its job well.

However, the agent alone is not enough, our commitment is also needed. In this case, it is good to have a scheme in place, according to which we will act in order to get closer to the desired effect. Recently, detailing has become extremely popular among automotive enthusiasts!

Before we start the process of detailing

You’re wondering what detailing is? Although this term may sound incomprehensible to many, it’s really nothing scary. It is a set of activities concerning cleaning, maintenance and renovation of the whole car or just its specific elements. Auto detailing is very often done by specialists.

This is due to the fact that it is a complex process, which requires specialist knowledge to be carried out properly. However, some drivers decide to take care of their car on their own, using dedicated products.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with this, provided that the driver who decides to carry out the detailing is prudent, and before proceeding to it, he will have time to learn by reading several expert articles or guidebook articles published in magazines or industry portals.

If you do so, each driver should remember that you should always check the source, i.e. the website where the content you are interested in is located, before you start reading the content. It is recommended that you only read texts on reputable, trusted sites.

So if you opt for car detailing of the whole car, the result will be both a shiny body and a clean and perfect looking interior. This is very good news because we will take care of our car on two levels during the detailing. Thanks to this we will not feel unsatisfied.

Detailing – step by step

We divide car detailing according to the place of work. Those carried out inside are focused on cleaning, refusing and securing mainly upholstery and plastic elements.

Usually the work includes vacuuming, washing, cleaning of gaskets, cockpit, slats and windows. The result should be an impeccably clean car interior with attention paid to every, even the smallest detail. In addition, auto interior detailing concerns the protection and maintenance of individual elements of vehicle equipment, for which special cosmetics are used.

They must be selected according to the materials they are made of in order to avoid discoloration and damage to the surface, e.g. material upholstery or leather.

That’s why it is good to train yourself before starting the internal detailing. The driver should know what materials have been used to finish the interior of his car. Based on this knowledge, choose the right cosmetics for his thorough cleaning.

Referring to the examples, you can quote a text about the types of car upholstery that you will read here. It’s not enough to know that you have leather upholstery, you also need to know what kind of leather was used for upholstery.


Another good example is the plastic used for the dashboard. The driver should know more or less what can be used on a surface that looks renovated. However, at an early stage of work, questions may arise and it’s better to know the answers to them than to risk it with the hope that the effect will be good.

If you take a closer look at the exterior detailing, you will see that the specialists focus primarily on the paint. In addition to cleaning and polishing, car detailing also involves removing scratches and dents, restoring colour depth and applying a ceramic coating. The aim of all this work is to give the car body a shine, freshness and protection against external influences.

In this case, the driver can first prepare a sheet of paper and a pen, or open an application in his or her smartphone to take notes and then carry out a thorough inspection of the car from outside. This will allow you to see virtually all the drawbacks that have occurred on the bodywork.

Detailing or detaling?

Car detailing is very often mistakenly called in another way. The term “detailing” has become firmly established in the drivers’ consciousness. Can these names be used interchangeably? You must know that the only correct name for comprehensive car care, maintenance and renewal is detailing.

This is a curiosity, but according to the unwritten rule that man knows as much as he can name, it is good to use the correct terminology.

For whom?

Auto detailing is a service tailored to your needs. You can choose to have your car thoroughly refurbished or have only the elements you choose, e.g. paints or upholstery, cared for and maintained. It should certainly be used by drivers who care about the perfect look of their car even after long years of use.

That is why you can do the detailing in your home workshop or garage. It is certainly a cheaper option and the possibility to systematically wash, maintain and renovate the vehicle or only its selected elements, which you care about most.

In the home spa for your car there should be no lack of wet wax restoring the natural shine and accelerating the drying of the car after washing. In addition, use tar and resin in case of difficult dirt. This is an effective agent that can handle even the most difficult dirt.

Bet on preparations with multi-directional effect. You can wash your car and shine your body at the same time, using a car shampoo with wax. All these products and a few others, thanks to which you can comprehensively take care of your car.

You can either have the Auto detailing done by experts or you can do it yourself. Remember that the effect is determined by the regularity, the care products used and the precision of the activity. Take care of a good presentation of your car or be proud of it despite the passage of years.

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