Car crashed: when to repair it

It is not always convenient to repair a car, there are some aspects to consider to make the right choice!

Is it worth repairing a crashed car? This is the classic question that many drivers ask themselves after an accident. Sometimes it is worthwhile, sometimes it is better to change it.

When it’s not worthwhile to repair a car that’s crashed.

Repairing a crashed car may not be convenient on several occasions. First of all, before drawing any conclusions, you need to know the value of the vehicle in the state it was in before the accident. This is the only way to make an economic and financial analysis of what to do.

Having a clear pre-accident value and the cost of post-accident repairs, various cost-benefit calculations can be made.

Mathematics would like that if the cost of the repair is higher than the value of the car, then the convenience of the repair is not there. Why spend 5 thousand euros to repair a car that is only worth 3 thousand?

A purely financial context would say that the repair is certainly not convenient and it is therefore important to get rid of the damaged vehicle as soon as possible.

Another situation in which the repair is not convenient is when a possible intervention would not guarantee the restoration of the perfect efficiency of the vehicle, both in terms of performance and safety. In this case it means that the accident has irreparably damaged the chassis or various mechanical or electronic parts.

The more the value of the damaged vehicle tends to be low, the more convenient it is to replace the vehicle.

When it pays to repair a crashed car

A new or recent car always shows good value for money when repaired, even if the amount required is large.

There are vehicles of one or two years old that still have a good value (for example, representative cars, whose value can be more than a few tens of thousands of euros) that can be repaired with a figure lower than their value. In this case the repair of the damaged car is advisable and convenient.

In the same way it is logical to repair it when it is mainly a damage that has affected the bodywork and to a lesser extent the mechanical component. A good coachbuilder can certainly make the livery look like new again. The convenience to repair the damaged car is always in case of minor damage.

Then there are some speeches that go beyond the mere economic analysis. If the family’s needs change and a second car is needed, it would be worth having the damaged car repaired in order to keep it at home and not have to pay twice as much for a new car.

Preventive analysis

Regardless of everything, it is important to understand the needs. If you do not have a clear understanding of your needs, any reasoning about the convenience of repairing a crashed car becomes useless.

Beyond the emotional and emotional aspect what you have to consider are your needs. If the car is your means of work (taxi driver, representative) think twice before having a car that has suffered a serious accident repaired.

This is because your car will most likely have several kilometers and many more to go. If you are not guaranteed to have a reliable car, even if the amount is manageable, the value of the car will tend to fall in the short term.

It is different to think about a small car that is intended for city use for a few stretches and a few kilometers. In this case the repair could be convenient even if the amount requested by the coachbuilder is medium-high: the value of the vehicle will therefore be higher.

Often insurance contracts, and the various clauses in them, can lead to reimbursements of different amounts depending on the case. You need to make sure of what you have not only signed with your company, but also the type of contract of the other party, through your trusted agent.

There are three variables that can influence the calculation of the convenience to repair:

  • Spare parts cost: between the original spare part and the compatible part, can vary even several tens or hundreds of euros depending on the part. Always ask the coachbuilder what type of spare parts he plans to use.
  • Labour cost: varies depending on the brand and workshop. However, there are generic bodywork, without being linked to the brand of your car. Prices can vary a lot.
  • Repair time: in how many days will you get your car back in case you decide to have it repaired? Also, how many hours does the body repairer have to work on the repair? The final prices vary considerably according to these answers.

There are objective situations in which it is worth repairing a car that has been damaged and others in which it is more appropriate to think about replacing it. However, you should also consider other aspects that are perhaps less objective and more subjective, as they depend on your specific needs.

This means that while a repair may be convenient for you, direct replacement may be a better solution for another.

In any case, it is advisable to ask for more than one estimate with the specification of the work and the spare parts that you estimate, so that you can make an objective comparison and thus have a 360-degree view of the different possibilities.

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